Can You Send Cards USPS Online

You sure can. Check out Hallmark online. You have a reasonable selection of Holiday cards, birthday cards, personal cards, etc, for between $2.

29 to $4.99 each. I would assume this doesn't include postage, Though I could be wrong. That is about what you can purchase different types of occasional cards for from the local Hallmark store. Of course you have to drive to the store, pick out the card, fill out the inside part, sign it, and last but not least mail it.

A lot of work, trouble and expense isn't it? Especially with the price of gas, so you better remember to get your cards while you are going to town. Then you can save the extra drive time and gas cost in getting someone a nice birthday, anniversary, holiday, or other special occasion card. Is there a solution for getting real, in the mail cards, online.

Where you can choose from a huge selection of thousands of beautiful cards. Where you can have special options that allow you to do such things as upload a family picture, add you own signature and all the other great things you should be able to do on this most fantastic internet? Yes there is! There is a new company in town. This company has taken the very old idea of sending beautiful cards to people to let them know they are appreciated and put a new twist on it. They have put together technology that will allow you maintain a data base of all the people you know in one place. You can sort the database into as many groups as you like. You can send one card at the time, pick one card and send it to everyone in a specific group or send that one card to all the groups you have at once.

They allow you to upload pictures and put them on card. You can take a picture of the family, an individual child, a group, or any other type of picture and put it on one side of the interior of the card and put your written greeting on the other. You can have multiple signatures on file and use the one you choose. You can use your own hand writing, though they have several that are very nice (a lot better than mine). You can use color fonts and even design or have designed for you, special cards just for your use.

They have over 8,000 card for you to select from. They have cards in broad categories like Expressions, Holiday and occasions, keeping in touch, My Cards (a selection of specialty cards), Special Collection, and Special Interest. Under each of these categories they have from five to ten more sub-categories. They have so many different types of cards and so many things you can do with a card that I would have to write a manual to explain them all. Now for the part you have been waiting for.

How much does it cost? Man, with all that I have just went over I bet you think that these cards will cost you an arm and a leg, don't you? They don't. The retail cost of the cards range from $.49 for a very nice post card to $1.47 for a laminated card with the uploaded picture of your choice on it. That is a fantastic price for the value you receive. To get all the details you really should take a tour of the site and send a card or two to see how it feels.

I know you have someone you are thinking of right now that you would love to send a card to. Sending cards makes you feel great as the sender and receiving cards makes you feel great as the receiver. Remember, building and maintaining relationships is a lot easier when you send out cards. Real get them in the US Postal Mail type cards.

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