Fighting Crime In AD

It is the year 2106 AD. There are no state borders in the United States, now referred to as the United Territory. The borders are only remembered in archives. Crime is monitored and controlled by the Territorial Security Force or TSF. It has regional outposts throughout the United States.

The location of their Headquarters is extremely classified. Even outpost agents do not know its location. Some speculate that it is not even on earth. Information from crime scenes are gathered and transmitted electronically for review and arrests. When a crime is committed, an agent is dispatched from one of the outposts to review the crime.

Agents are highly trained. They go only by their call signs. An assault has occurred in a midsize city in the United Territory. The nearest outpost is alerted. An agent, code named Sapphire, is dispatched from the nearest outpost.

The agent arrives on the scene of the crime in seconds. He carries with him the Z24GS, an evidence gathering and crime fighting module. He places the Z24GS in a sterile location. The unit is activated. The portable evidence gathering unit scours the area. Within minutes it gathers all the necessary evidence.

The evidence is encrypted several times and electronically transmitted to the TSF Headquarters. It is analyzed within minutes. Based on the evidence a suspect is selected from the earth identity module. The information of all humans in the United Territory is stored in this information module.

It is automatically updated through collector units. The collector units are setup to cover every corner of the United Territory. If you are permanent resident in the United Territory or have crossed it borders your information is automatically collected and fed to the central module. When a suspect is selected their location is pinpointed. A criminal has been selected in this case.

Sapphire was dispatched to the location on a super secretive transport. The transport can reach any outer most border of the United Territory in a maximum of 2 minutes. He arrives within a minute. Sapphire releases the Z24GSB.

The Z24GSB is the capture and recovery module. It contains specially constructed criminal recovery droids. The number may vary based on the evidence collected and estimated number of suspects.

They are programmed with all the identity information on the selected suspect. They take the most direct route to the selected without endangering other humans. The recovery droids seize the selected. The suspect is held for transport. Agent Sapphire is signaled that the recovery has been made.

The selected is then transported to a penal colony where he or she will serve a predetermined sentence. The case is terminated and agent Sapphire returns to the out post. The Z24GS system is so accurate that only about 100 crimes occur in the entire United Territory on a daily basis. Criminals know the chances of getting away with a crime is zero. The Z24GS system is designed to evolve automatically. While this is just an authors conception of crime fighting in the future, it is a safe guarantee that technology will make it difficult if not impossible to get away with crime in the future.

Things like portable DNA scanners, Automated central home inventories, Image capturing windows, and biometrics are not far fetched. Technology will improve the efficiency crime fighting in the future. These are things to consider. For now, we must fight crime with prevention and deterrence.

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