Making A Baby Gift Basket Of Your Own Makes It More Memorable

There is no gift more special than a baby. And when you plan to attend an event in celebration of a brand new baby you want to give the very best. There are many opportunities to celebrate the new little life, but by far the most popular is the baby shower. The most common time for a baby shower to be held is one month before the mother expects her baby. A baby shower is a wonderful way for the new mom-to-be to receive must needed baby gifts including baby gift baskets. A popular gift to give at today's baby showers are baby gift baskets.

Car seats, playpens and strollers have taken a back seat in common items given. Baby gift baskets are preferred since you can put just about anything in one. There are boutiques that have ready-made baskets, but expect to pay a pretty penny for these. A more intimate and creative approach is to make your own gift basket. The first step in creating your own baby gift basket is to choose the basket.

Don't limit yourself to the traditional basket shape. A unique shape or design will make your basket stand out and make a special souvenir for mom. Line the basket with baby pillows. This will protect your presents and give mom more usable items as well! Another way to personalize your basket is to consider when the baby is due.

Next step - fill the basket! Add about anything that comes to mind. Bottles, rattles and colorful receiving blankets are some options for baby gift baskets. The mom-to-be will also appreciate practical items in the basket.

Receiving blankets, onesies and diapers are a few ideas. You truly can add whatever your heart desires. Themed gift baskets can make shopping easier for you.

For a "baby bath time" theme, place baby oils, fun bath toys and cozy towels in your basket. A baby basket is very versatile and a fun way to create a unique gift. Or, perhaps, "baby's first wardrobe" is a theme that interests you. If you know the sex of the baby this will help guide you as you pick out little booties, cotton hats, dresses or overhauls. Regardless of which baby gift basket you decide upon, definitely add beautiful picture frames. There are sure to be many photos of the new baby! Summary: To create a memorable baby gift basket, try choosing an unusual basket or making a "theme" gift basket.

You are limited only by your imagination. Enjoy yourself as you shop and take in all the adorable baby sized stuff!.

Brooke Hayles
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